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HST  Cone Crusher

HST Cone Crusher

HST series single cylinder cone crusher with hydraulic-driven system is a kind of new type high efficient crushing equipment which is developed by our engineers through over 20 year's effort of design, manufacture, sale, and after-sale service in crushing industries. It is widely used in primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and fine crushing.

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Technical Data

Model Movable Cone Diameter(mm) Chamber Style Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Machine Size (mm)
HST100 790 EC 135 10-32 46-128 90 1550×1575×1965
C 90 10-25 43-118
M 65 8-16 36-76
MF 50 6-13 29-68
F 35 4-10 27-57
EF 28 6 30-40
HST160 956 EC 180 13-38 69-215 160 1875×1920×2400
C 145 13-32 65-197
MC 115 10-25 60-180
M 90 10-22 60-160
MF 75 8-19 61-125
F 50 6-19 45-105
EF 35 6 70-90
HST250 1150 EC 215 16-44 110-380 250 2100×2320×2780
C 175 13-38 100-385
MC 140 13-32 95-325
M 110 13-25 115-335
MF 85 10-22 90-280
F 70 8-19 90-235
EF 38 8 100-125
HST315 1408 EC 275 16-44 177-660 315 2380×2735×3265
CX 245 16-38 170-650
C 215 16-38 170-640
MC 175 16-32 160-552
M 135 16-32 195-500
MF 115 13-32 190-450
F 85 13-25 195-400
EF 65 13-22 210-300

Three Factors Impacting on Capacity and Excellence of Cone Crusher

Crusher Machine may be the core equipment within the ore crushing system of ore beneficiation plant along with the primary factor constraint the development capacity from the crushing system. With the comprehensive analysis of puppy nip position and parallel zone and thru capacity of materials in center portion of cone crusher when materials are crushed, we are able to realize that the primary factors impacting on the capability and product quality of cone crusher range from the following three factors:

1, The size of the parallel crushing zone and how big discharging mouth

The crushing ability of the crusher machine relates to the thickness from the material layer within the parallel zone that is in direct proportion towards the production capacity and it has an immediate relation using the discharging mouth. Growing the size of the parallel zone is favorable to manipulating the granularity, however the ore discharging ability will decrease, and reducing the size of the parallel zone is favorable to ore discharging, however the ore crushing granularity is tough to become made certain. Simultaneously, the productivity of the crusher is principally associated with the ore property, the performance, specs and operation condition from the equipment and also the configuration from the machines within the production process, because of this, on the health of another factors unchanged, altering the operation condition, growing the ore discharging mouth, for instance, can change the productivity from the crusher equipment.

2, Puppy nip position and the level of the crushing chamber

The crushing chamber relates to the puppy nip position and also the height from the crusher machine. Theoretically, the puppy nip position ought to be more compact than two occasions from the frictional position between ores and lining board from the crushing wall. When the puppy nip position is simply too large, ores within the crushing chamber will slide, that will lessen the production capacity when the puppy nip position is simply too small, the ores that may be contained within the crushing chamber will disappear, that will cause influence towards the crushing capacity.

3, Pendulum occasions of crushing cone

The pendulum occasions from the crushing cone can also be the important thing factor impacting on the crushing capacity. Because of the limit of puppy nip position from the crushing chamber and also the parallel ore discharging zone, the crushed ores is going to be hard to be released without exterior forces. The discharging of ores mainly depends on the compressing from the crushing cone along slope. Once the pendulum occasions are high, the ores are often released.

One of the three factors, the pendulum occasions from the crushing cone is decided based on the options that come with the gear, to ensure that it's not easy to become transformed, however the additional factors could be transformed inside the biggest limit, thus enhancing the output on the health of making certain product quality, because of this, cone crusher producers can realize the advance of creation of cone crushing machine through improving the dwelling of the crusher machine.

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