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PY  Cone  Crusher

PY Cone Crusher

Adopting technology from the world, PY Series spring cone crusher has an excellent performance in secondary crushing and tertiary crushing process and it has become the ideal cone crusher for small capacity crushing plants of mineral ore processing industry and rocks processing industry. If you have any question, please contact with us.

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Technical Data

Model Diameter of Bottom End of Conical Crushing Head(mm) max feeding size adjustment range of discharge opening capacity(t/h) power Rev. of Eccentric shaft Overall dimension(mm)
PYB600 600 75 12-25 40 30 356 2234×1370×1675
PYZ600 600 35 3-13 5-23 30 356 2234×137×1675
PYB900 900 115 15-50 50-90 55 333 2692×164×2350
PYZ900 900 60 5-20 20-65 55 333 2692×164×2350
PYD900 900 50 3-13 15-50 55 333 2692×164×2350
PYB1200 1200 145 20-50 110-168 110 300 2790×1878×2844
PYZ1200 1200 100 8-25 42-135 110 300 2790×1878×2844
PYD1200 1200 50 3-15 18-105 110 300 2790×1878×2844
PYB1750 1750 215 25-50 280-480 160 245 3910×2894×3809
PYZ1750 1750 185 10-30 115-320 160 245 3910×2894×3809
PYD1750 1750 85 5-13 75-230 160 245 3910×2894×3809
PYB2200 2200 300 30-60 490-750 260-280 220 4622×3302×4470
PYZ2200 2200 230 10-30 200-580 260-280 220 4622×3302×4470
PYD2200 2200 100 5-15 120-340 260-280 220 4622×3302×4470

Three Kinds of Crushing Chamber of Cone Crusher

Based on demand on rock cone crushers of clients, it's developed according to laminated crushing principle and conceptual style of ore crushing and fewer grinding. Thus hydraulic cone crusher this new kind of cone crusher is integrated rich in wobble frequency, optimal cavity shape and reasonable stroke. This number of efficient cone crusher has more sensible and excellent structure and much more advanced technology.

This number of cone crushers can be used for crushing ores and rocks, and also the advantages are: reliable structure, high quality, easy-to-adjust and economical. There's spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher. The security spring product is the overload protection device, making foreign material experiences the device without bring any hurt into it. The sealing modes are water and oil, which segregate the stone powder and lubricating system. The crushing chamber is made the decision by the objective of ore, the conventional model is appropriate for medium crushing the medium model is appropriate for fine crushing and also the short mind model is appropriate for fine crushing.

You will find various kinds of crushing chambers for the cone crusher, usually, the next three types are frequently used when crushing stone and sand materials.

The first kind, a curving formed position is created around the discharging mouth from the cone crusher. However, the gradient from the position from the crushing chamber reduces is comparatively small, and the positioning of the obstructing point continues to be close to the discharging mouth, because of this, the blockage could be reduced. This type of crushing chamber is appropriate for crushing materials once the width from the discharging mouth is not required to become modified to be really small, for instance, the coarse jaw crusher whose discharging mouth is larger than 150 mm.

The second kind, a comparatively lengthy curving lines are made around the discharging mouth from the cone crusher. However, the gradient from the position from the crushing chamber reduces is fairly large, and also the obstructing point is defined on the top, then your blockage is reduced considerably. Because of this, this kind of crushing chamber is appropriate for that cycle cone crusher whose discharging mouth is more compact than 150 mm.

The third kind, there's a large rang of curving crushing chamber within the discharging mouth, along with a lengthy parallel and horizontal zone is created since the bottom area of the movable cone bends towards the fixed cone. Because of this, this crushing chamber type may be used in medium and fine cycle crushing machines. However, when the rock materials are extremely hard, then your curving type of the underside area of the movable cone is going to be used and tore in an exceedingly short time, to ensure that it can't achieve the advantages of keeping stable size the discharging mouth for any lengthy time period.

In other words, once the clients are selecting the kinds of the crushing chamber, they ought to not just consider the objective of the cone crusher, however the physical property, water content and dirt content from the rocks. The types of materials rich in dirt and water content aren't appropriate for crushing chambers with lengthy flat and horizontal zone, and additionally, materials rich in hardness isn't appropriate to find the last kind of crushing chamber.

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