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Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

The Raymond mill was ever popular in mining, building materials, chemical engineering and metallurgy industries for size reduction, dispersion, or specialized needs, powder generation and processing for industrial process. Now MTM series grinding mill has better performance than it. If you have any question, please contact with us.

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Technical Data

Model YGM8314 YGM9517 YGM4121
Roller Quantity(pcs) 3 4 5
Roller Diameter(mm) Φ270×140 Φ310×170 Φ410×210
Ring Diameter(mm) Φ830×140 Φ950×170 Φ1280×210
Rev   130 103
Max.Feed Size 20 25 30
Discharging Size 1.6-0.045 1.6-0.045 1.6-0.045
Capacity 1.2-4.6 2.1-8 5-11
Machine Size 5300×4100×5200 7100×5900×7900 9200×7250×9700

The Several Factors Affecting the Price of Raymond Mill

For clients, they're most worried about the cost when selecting some equipment. To Raymond mill, for instance, the cost may be the first step to influence the customers' choice.

Using the economic development and technology progress, the growing application scope of mineral, the constantly improving of used material of Raymond mill and also the constant promotion from the Raymond mill production, small, medium and enormous devices are ubiquitous in market. We are able to state that the requirements of clients drive the introduction of manufacturing industry. Based on the different needs of clients, the cost is of course different because the different mode of selected Raymond mill.

Because the major industrial coffee grinder, the cost from the Raymond mill happens to be the main focus to any or all parties. You will find great variations between Raymond mills created by different producers it's natural the cost of Raymond mill isn't any monolith. Exactly why the cost of Raymond mill floats may be the following factors: Raymond mill add-ons, production process, and also the changes of raw material.

The professional manufacturer, SBM Machinery Co., Ltd is an expert in crushing and grinding machinery. As being a leading company in crushing and grinding machinery, we're additionally a major export base in China. SBM Raymond mill is the best option.

Technological Property of Raymond Mill

The technological procedure for powder grinding comes with an indispensable significance towards the industrial development especially that it features a wide application in building materials, coal mining and rocks powder manufacturing aspects. Because of this, the technological performance from the grinding mill has attracted lots of attention from many mining machinery companies.

Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill) is relevant towards the grinding and processing in excess of 280 types of non-flammable and non-explosive materials with hardness under 7 and humidity under 6% in mining, construction, chemical industry and metallurgy, for example barite, calcite, feldspar, talcum, marble, limestone, clay, glass. The fineness from the end product could be modified from 100 meshes to 325 meshes based on needs. It's the primary and broadly used coffee grinder.

Raymond mill goes to some large sized powder coffee grinder, the fabric feeding size could be below 100 mm, and also the materials after being ground has the capacity to feel the finest screen and also the production ability generally reaches several tone an hour or so.

The Raymond mill can crush the big-size materials towards the needed feeding size after which will provide the types of materials towards the storehouse through the dustpan lift, which is evenly shipped these to the crushing cavity from the primary machine body through the electromagnetism vibrating feeder. And also the materials that have joined the grinding cavity will get the grinding between your grinding roller and ring, thus creating the powder, which is introduced towards the analyser to grade through the wind machine. And also the needed fine powder will go into the large cyclone collector through the air stream to get the separation and collection .And eventually ,the ultimate items is going to be released by the tripper .And throughout the significant process, the shovel system have performed a vital natural part ,that is situated around the lower finish from the grinding roller .And also the shovel and roller will shovel in the materials towards the space between your grinding paint rollers and make up the pad layer that will get the extruding pressure created through the rotating from the paint rollers .And so the materials is going to be crushed ,thus experiencing this goal from the powder making.

The Raymond mill is extremely appropriate for producing dry powder. The bottom plate, grinding roller and grinding ring from the machine are made from steel to ensure that steel materials are combined with the grinding material which adds the steel removal difficulty. Additionally, this equipment needs high plant and wide size. The kind of grinding mill unload items with the aid of the wind, because of this, throughout the entire operational process, the dust prevention work ought to be done well. And furthermore, due to its working features, the Raymond mill can't ever be began within an empty condition.

SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is really a large-sized sand maker manufacturer, and our sand maker also offers several benefits for example easy and reasonable structure, high independent impact crushing ability, super low operational cost and also the best cost. Welcome all old and new clients arrived at our organization for inspection and buy.

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