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Ore Milling Equipment

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Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment

The ore milling equipment adopts SBM rich experience in the production of vertical grinding machines, as well as the latest technology in Taiwan and Germany. It integrates grinding, drying, grading and transportation as one of the main equipment in the ultrafine grinding industry.Our grinding equipment is mainly used for separation of gold, silver, lead, zinc, molybdenum, iron, copper, antimony, tungsten, tin and other minerals selected.

Application Of Ore Milling Equipment

Ore milling equipment is widely used in non material grinding quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, quartz, iron ore, copper slag, cement clinker, zircon sand and fly ash under 9.3 (MOH hardness). Ash, silicon carbide, coal and so on.

Ore Milling Equipment Features

  • 1. The dust and noise of the grinding equipment are small, and the environment is environmentally friendly and the environment is friendly.
  • 2. Using the advanced working principle to reduce the grinding time, the iron content of the final product is less, and the whiteness and purity are improved.
  • 3. The grinding equipment has excellent grinding efficiency, which is a specially designed roller shell and grinding plate curve.
  • 4. Low cost of investment: automatic control system, save operation cost.
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