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Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher

There are many different kinds of stone crusher, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen and so on. In all lithotriptors, the two crushing process is made up of two sets of impact crusher model PF-1315, which is controlled at the larger inlet and rotor, and the final product size can be controlled by adjusting the impact bracket.

Application Of Stone Impact Crusher

The impact crusher can be used as a molding machine for all stone crusher. The complete stone crusher plant also contains other stone crusher equipment. The final product has the shape of the regular cube, the compressive strength is high, the needle shape is small, and there is no internal crack. They are very suitable for highways, bridges, tunnels and other construction projects.

Working Principle of jaw stone crusher

The jaw crusher uses the motor as its power. Through the wheel of the motor, the eccentric axis is driven by a triangular belt and a grooved wheel to adjust the moving jaw plate. Therefore, the material in the crushing chamber composed of the fixed jaw plate, the movable jaw plate and the side lie plate can be crushed and discharged through the unloading port.

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